What the Frigate Bird!!! - DoPanama.com Travel Vlog - Episode 4
Exploring Panama's Beauty: A Day in Pedasí with DoPanama.com - Episode 4 Recap

Join us on a captivating journey through Pedasí, Panama, as we dive into the fourth episode of the DoPanama travel vlog. From the pristine beaches of Isla Iguana to the vibrant streets of Pedasí, this episode is a testament to Panama's allure and the reasons why so many are choosing to call it home.


Main Content Highlights:

  1. Morning in Pedasí: The episode kicks off with a warm greeting from Pedasí, setting the stage for the adventures ahead.

  2. Panama's Diversity: The host touches on the unique characteristics of different regions in Panama, from Boca del Toro to Panama City, emphasizing the country's rich diversity.

  3. Pedasí's Charm: Pedasí is described as a harmonious blend of local Panamanian culture and expats. Its colorful streets, cafes, art stores, and museums make it a must-visit.

  4. Isla Iguana Adventure: A trip to Isla Iguana showcases stunning white sand beaches and an abundance of Pacific frigate birds. The island's beauty is undeniable, making it a highlight of the episode.

  5. Dining at Smiley's: The vlog takes viewers to Smiley's, a popular eatery known for its ribs, burgers, and seafood dishes.

  6. Stay at Casa de Campo: The host checks into Casa de Campo, a hotel with a pool view, giving viewers a glimpse of comfortable accommodations in Pedasí.

  7. Bohemia Pizzeria and Restaurant: The day wraps up with a visit to Bohemia Pizzeria, where the host indulges in mouth-watering Italian fusion dishes.

  8. Conclusion and Call to Action: The episode concludes with a reminder to engage with DoPanama's various platforms, emphasizing the community's growth and the wealth of information available for those interested in Panama.

What the Frigate Bird!!! - DoPanama.com Travel Vlog - Episode 4
Matt Ferro 22 August, 2023
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