Scaling Peaks and Savoring Bites: A Day in Panama's Heartland
Embark on a Journey through Panama's Hidden Gems and Adventures.

In the second episode of our Travel Vlog, we dive deep into the heart of Panama, scaling the picturesque peaks of Cerro Picacho and indulging in the local flavors of San Carlos. Join us as we uncover the stories, the people, and the experiences that make this Central American gem a must-visit destination.


Main Content Highlights:

  1. The Ascent to Cerro Picacho:

    • Starting our day with a hike to Picacho, with the stunning Laguna de San Carlos as our backdrop, we were reminded that sometimes the best views come after the hardest climbs. And while it felt like days, it was just an hour's hike to the top!
  2. Barefoot Panama - More than Just a Tour:

    • Meeting up with Kevin O'Brien from Barefoot Panama was a highlight. Not only do they offer incredible tours across the country, but their guides are a treasure trove of information, history, and fun facts. Whether it's a family trip or a solo adventure, Barefoot Panama comes highly recommended.
  3. San Carlos Surf Resort - A Surfer's Paradise:

    • After a day of hiking, there's nothing like the comfort of a beachfront hotel. San Carlos Surf Resort, with its focus on adventure and surf, offers a unique experience. From the sound of waves to the local craft beer, it's a haven for those seeking a mix of relaxation and adventure.
  4. A Culinary Journey at Manglar Lodge:

    • Our evening took a delicious turn at Manglar Lodge. From traditional Panamanian fried fish to spicy jalapeño bites, the flavors were as rich and diverse as the country itself. And yes, eating a fish tail was an experience in itself!

Conclusion: Panama is more than just its famous canal. It's a land of diverse landscapes, rich cultures, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you're hiking up a mountain, surfing the waves, or savoring local delicacies, every moment in Panama is a story waiting to be told. Join us next week as we continue our journey, exploring more hidden gems of this beautiful country. Until then, hasta luego!

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Scaling Peaks and Savoring Bites: A Day in Panama's Heartland
Matt Ferro 21 August, 2023
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