Mr. Foodie PTY Episode 15: Chivita Food House – A Culinary Gem in Panama

When it comes to exploring the culinary wonders of Panama, the Chivita Food House stands out as a beacon of gastronomic delight. In the latest episode of Mr. Foodie PTY, we delve deep into the heart of this establishment to uncover the magic behind its dishes.


The Origin of Chivita Food House

The name "Chivita" was inspired by the small carts that transport food. Emilio Núñez, a dear friend and partner, started this venture as a corporate catering business. The idea of naming it "Chivita" came from the concept of delivering food to various companies, much like how these carts transport goods.

Ambiance and Setting

Chivita is designed not just for solo diners but also for high-profile executives seeking private areas. They offer two private rooms, each exuding a homely ambiance, making guests feel more at home than in a restaurant. The main hall can accommodate up to 100 guests and is equipped with a stage for events. Whether it's brand launches or other events, Chivita is versatile enough to cater to various needs.

Stay Connected

For those looking to stay updated with Chivita's offerings, they are active on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook under the handle @chivitafoothouse. They host live music sessions on Saturdays and have DJs playing from Wednesday to Sunday, ensuring there's always a lively atmosphere.

A Fusion of Flavors

Chivita Food House prides itself on being a steakhouse with a unique fusion of flavors. The dishes are not just about taste but also about offering an unforgettable experience. Some of the highlights from the episode include:

  • Smoked Octopus Ceviche: A delightful blend of Panamanian Caribbean octopus with a touch of coral grass, passion fruit flavor, and a compote made from sweet potato and chili pepper.

  • Lamb Cooked to Perfection: This dish is a testament to patience and precision. The lamb is vacuum-cooked for 36 hours in an infusion of Bucatoreño cocoa with Merlot. The fusion of flavors from the cocoa, Merlot, and spices is a treat for the palate. The dish is garnished with gold dust, making it look like a piece of jewelry.

  • French-style Chocolate Fondant: Made with Bocareño cocoa, this dessert is a nod to the chef's preference for using local ingredients. It's a way of introducing guests to regional flavors and inviting them to explore these regions further.

Visit Chivita Food House

For those eager to experience the culinary wonders of Chivita, they are open from Monday to Wednesday from 12 noon to 10 pm, Thursday to Saturday from 12 noon to 12 midnight, and on Sundays from 12 noon to 9 pm.

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Mr. Foodie PTY Episode 15: Chivita Food House – A Culinary Gem in Panama
Matt Ferro 7 September, 2023
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