Asu Mare

The secret of Peruvian gastronomy lies in the freshness of the meticulously selected ingredients and the use of innovative and creative techniques to achieve a product that almost reaches perfection. This is the challenge that Asu Mare Peruvian Grill Cuisine successfully faces daily to conquer the palate of clients with incredible preparations.

This is a restaurant that enhances Peruvian cuisine with fusion touches, offering an innovative, different, and creative proposal, while respecting the classics such as Ají de Gallina, Lomo Salteado and Traditional Peruvian Ceviche.

All this, without leaving aside the signature dishes such as the Grilled Octopus with potatoes in chimichurri sauce or the Ceviche Asu Mare with pieces of fresh fish and tiger’s milk topped with crispy prawns.

Follow @asumarepty on Instagram for promotions, news and be surprised by Asu Mare’s incredible gastronomic proposal and you can also contact us  +507 388-3145 for reservations.

Matt Ferro 17 February, 2023
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