UvaCafe is an artisan bakery and pastry shop that was originally founded in the city of Valera, Venezuela in 2009 by Geraldine Dávila, who, in 2016, decided to impress the Panamanian market with her delicious creations.

At UvaCafe you will find pieces of bread that refer to a traditional Venezuelan bakery where you can’t miss the famous “cachito” with ham, golfeado, bread stuffed with cheese, or corn and wheat empanadas. This place differs from the rest because of the owner’s Andean roots, a region where the richest sweet breads are produced. In the preparation of this bread, sweet sourdough is used, as well as long fermentation processes so that it can develop unparalleled flavors, making it an easy-to-digest and longer-lasting bread.

At UvaCafe you will also find the richest and most popular sweets such as Tres Leches, Tiramisu, Cheesecakes, Pineapple flips, Lemon pie, fruit tartlets, and much more. All this is paired with a good cup of coffee, sodas, natural juices, and Venezuelan “chicha de arroz”.

Davila’s success goes hand in hand with constant work that results in public acceptance and the recent opening of her 2 branch. Currently, it is possible to visit them in Vía España, PH Torres de Castilla and Casa Sarita Building, El Cangrejo.

Matt Ferro 14 April, 2023
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