The Panama-U.S. Bilateral Investment Treaty
Your Key to Secure and Profitable Investments in Panama

Welcome, investors and Panama enthusiasts! In a world where investment opportunities are as vast as the oceans, the Panama-U.S. Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) serves as a lighthouse, guiding you safely to the shores of success. Coupled with Do Panama's expert navigation, this treaty becomes your ultimate tool for a secure, profitable investment journey in Panama. Let's dive into the depths of the BIT and uncover how it empowers your investment decisions.

Understanding the Panama-U.S. BIT:

In the landscape of international trade and investment, few documents carry as much weight as the Panama-U.S. BIT. Established in 1982 and activated in 1991, this treaty has been the bedrock of U.S.-Panama investment relations, setting a standard for protection and fairness that few other agreements can match.

Detailed Insights into the BIT:

National Treatment and MFN Status: At its core, the BIT ensures that investors from either country are treated as favorably as local investors or those from third countries. This principle of equal treatment reinforces the idea that foreign investors can operate on a level playing field, a crucial consideration in international investments.

Comprehensive Protection from Expropriation: One of the greatest fears for any investor is the risk of government seizure of assets. The BIT directly addresses this by laying out clear rules against unlawful expropriation, and in cases where expropriation is necessary for public purposes, it mandates fair, non-discriminatory processes with adequate compensation.

Unhindered Financial Transfers: The ability to move funds freely is a cornerstone of international investment. The BIT guarantees this freedom, allowing investors to transfer funds into and out of Panama without undue restriction. This includes returns, profits, dividends, and proceeds from sales.

Access to International Arbitration: In case of disputes, the BIT provides a mechanism for resolution through international arbitration. This process is vital in ensuring that any conflicts are resolved impartially, without bias from local judicial systems.

Do Panama: Your Strategic Investment Partner:

In navigating the complexities of international investment in Panama, Do Panama emerges as your indispensable partner. Our expertise lies not only in understanding the BIT but also in applying its principles to your unique investment strategy.

Deep Legal Acumen: Our team possesses a profound understanding of both Panamanian and international investment laws, positioning us perfectly to exploit the full potential of the BIT in your favor.

Customized Investment Planning: Recognizing that each investor's goals and circumstances are unique, we offer tailored investment strategies, ensuring that the benefits of the BIT align seamlessly with your objectives.

Transparent, Effective Advice: We pride ourselves on our direct, effective guidance. Investing with us means you’re armed with clear, actionable insights with Do Panama and our affiliates by your side making sure you are covered on all aspects to create a successful and profitable investment in Panama.

Panama's Investment Potential Unveiled:

Panama’s diverse economy presents a plethora of investment opportunities. Beyond the allure of its real estate market, Panama is a burgeoning center for infrastructure development, tourism, and services. The protections and assurances provided by the BIT make these sectors increasingly attractive, offering varied avenues for growth and profit. We even have relocationships built with developers that got in on a new tourism investment opportunity where investors in these projects are able to recieve a 100% tax credit on their investment amount.

Real Estate Ventures: From beachfront properties to urban developments, Panama's real estate sector is dynamic and offers promising returns. With the BIT's protections, property investments become safer, boosting confidence among foreign investors.

Infrastructure Development: Panama's strategic geographical position makes it a hub for significant infrastructure projects. The BIT's framework ensures that investments in this sector are not only protected but also positioned for long-term success.

Tourism and Hospitality: As a tourist paradise, Panama offers immense potential in the hospitality industry. Investment in this sector, under the umbrella of the BIT, means tapping into a market that is both vibrant and expansive.

Innovative Service Sectors: Panama’s service sectors, including finance, technology, and logistics, present unique opportunities for investors. The BIT ensures that investments in these areas are safeguarded, offering a stable environment for innovative ventures.


The Panama-U.S. Bilateral Investment Treaty is not just a legal document; it's a symbol of trust and stability in the realm of international investments. In partnership with Do Panama, this treaty becomes your gateway to safe, lucrative investment opportunities in one of the world's most dynamic markets.

Investing in Panama, under the protection of the BIT, with Do Panama’s expertise, is more than a financial decision. It's a step towards a future of growth, stability, and success.

Connect with Do Panama:

Are you ready to unlock the potential of Panama's investment landscape with the BIT and Do Panama’s expertise? Reach out to us at [email protected], and let’s embark on this journey together.

The Panama-U.S. Bilateral Investment Treaty
Adam Phillips 22 November, 2023
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