Salón Cantón
Cantonese gastronomic

The journey of Salón Cantón began in 1968, when the founder, Arturo Acon, arrived in Venezuela from southern China. After a stay in New York, he started in Caracas a project to bring Cantonese gastronomic traditions to these lands.

His dream of delighting customers with the unmistakable flavors and quality of his cuisine has become a reality spread across the American continent from north to south.

Today, Salón Cantón offers modern settings with an Asian touch where the guests delight in Cantonese cuisine. The tasting dish is an emblem of the menu that combines salty, sweet, and spicy flavors designed to be shared with the family, because, in Asian culture, the word “family” has an important meaning.

To promote sharing at the table, Salón Cantón has the famous “Feeling On - Mobile Off” challenge, which consists of having lunch or dinner at the restaurant and leaving the cell phone away to enjoy the moment with the family, without interruptions. By accepting this challenge, the participant is given an excellent bottle of wine to enjoy a pleasant family evening.

Currently, Salón Cantón has 6 branches in Venezuela (Caracas and Maracaibo), 2 branches in the United States (Miami - Florida), 2 branches in Panama (Panama City), and one in Colombia (Bogotá), under the leadership of the CEO and director David Acon and Eric Ng, General Manager.

Salón Cantón
Matt Ferro 24 October, 2023
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