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NDM Law Firm & Associates is a law firm founded by Nisim Lici, current General Manager, whose main headquarters are located in Panama City. This Law Firm extends its legal services for the filing of processes for judicial collection in favor of international companies that maintain delinquent credits against Panamanian companies.

In addition to being an international law firm, NDM Law Firm & Associates also works on behalf of individuals, companies, governments and financial institutions that maintain delinquent credits against third parties nationwide. The company offers dedicated and intensive advice before, during and after any process, as it is key to guaranteeing the client a good result in their corporate and judicial procedures, as well as, reassuring them as to why trusting NDM Law Firm & Associates with the structuring of their business operations and the resolution of their litigation is always the best decision.

NDM Law Firm & Associates’ long history as a global Firm places the company in a unique position to help solve any challenge the clients might have. They are agile, creative, and determined to guide each client through today’s complex business environment by seeking unique approaches as a way to find original solutions to meet their demands.

Due to their great success over the years, NDM Law Firm & Associates is known for protecting the rights of foreigners in Panama and that is why some of the clients are referred by the various embassies, this, as part of the international cooperation on which the company develops the activity. For more information, contact NDM Law Firm & Associates by calling +507 830-2656 or via email to [email protected] and visit their website: www.ndm.com.pa.

Matt Ferro 17 February, 2023
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