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Morales Archibold Consultores is an independent firm founded in 2001 with over 21 years of experience in the service to national and foreign clients, assisting them with corporate, tax, and family wealth strategies, in different jurisdictions, with a professional team that includes Certified Accountants, Attorneys, and Compliance Specialists.

In recent years, Panama has improved the country’s regulatory standards for the incorporation of corporations and private interest foundations, establishing a great opportunity for citizens from around the world to carry out economic operations, keep family capital safe and use the geographical isthmus as a strategic headquarter.

Morales Archibold Consultores recommends analyzing Panama’s advantages in business and family matters. Among these advantages, the following stand out:

Banking System with 83 banks offering services in dollars, euros, Swiss francs, and many other currencies.

Foundations of private interest, ideal legal structure to protect the family’s assets with the legal protection and rights of beneficiaries.

Panama is not a tax haven; it is a jurisdiction that imposes taxes and regulations on local operations. Any operation that has its effect abroad does not generate direct taxes in the country.

Air connection with Copa Airlines to more than 70 daily destinations.

Panama has opportunities in land, apartments, and houses to live in or rent.

Opportunity to have residency applying as a qualified investor, this visa is delivered in 30 days.

For more information, contact Morales Archibold Consultores at +507 260-1505 or 260-9051, cell phone +507 6241-0284 (WhatsApp available).

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Matt Ferro 14 April, 2023
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