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Today’s woman, from one day to another, has come to occupy an important role in society, living in a highly accelerated, evolutionary and competitive world. One of the biggest challenges she currently faces is managing a balance between her personal and professional life. Her task is not easy but neither impossible!

A century ago, women were focused on housework and family. With the passing of time, being at home is no longer the only alternative, they need much more, they have become priceless diamonds where multitasking plays a key role in the development of every woman. Being a housewife, mother, professional, or businesswoman and developing philanthropy seems to be something simple. However, today it has not been an easy task, since, when faced with multiple challenges, they have had to come out from behind and place themselves in front to discern, prepare, work and contribute to society.

The women of generation Z are immersed in the Technological Revolution. Are considered Empowered and brave; but will many say that they have a superpower? The word “empowered” has been heard for more than a decade, only now it is more palpable, and there is more involvement and action. The challenges are even greater, women must demonstrate that they are capable of doing ordinary tasks and turning them into extraordinary ones, balancing life at home with professional or business.

This reminds me of a movie called “I Don’t Know How She Does It” where the American actress Sarah Jessica Parker was the protagonist. The script was about a woman with many tasks, a wife, mother, friend, and at the same time an executive of a prestigious firm who was able to combine household chores while also working as a professional. She had many challenges, but in the end, she was able to realize how valuable she was as a woman, she just had to balance each task and give herself the opportunity to be a Woman.

Another important attribute in women is Faith (belief) that is connected with the word “TRUST”, finding herself will allow these two additives to be the motivational starter; the other challenges that appear along the way will be easy to develop and face.

Women have a natural survival and struggle instinct, they are always waiting for more, they do not give up, and would rather die trying than give up. I call this “Empowered Woman”, just being involved and committed is the keynote clear of her actions.

This leads me to conclude with a message: Be Authentic, exploit your full potential, be humble, leave a positive footprint and legacy in each work and never stop printing a seal of love and dedication and you will see results of your entire satisfaction. Never forget that you are the Essence of a Woman, your competition is not with another Woman, it is with yourselves.

Matt Ferro 13 April, 2023
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