We Serve Love

At MIKA, LOVE has its own meaning that goes beyond a simple word. This innovative, fresh and dynamic concept offers an inclusive and varied menu, with different gastronomic options that adapt to the lifestyle and diet of each customer.

Mika’s cuisine travels through traditional American-style dishes with gourmet touches as well as modern vegan, vegetarian and even Keto options.

At the emblematic restaurant in San Francisco, either breakfast, lunch, a coffee afternoon or dinner with friends can be enjoyed in a unique and comfortable environment. Among the classics, pancakes with red fruits, banana and chocolate toppings stand out, which are loved by children and adults.

Mika offers different locations in Panama City, including Clayton, Balboa Boutiques, Santa María, Banco General headquarters, Brisas del Golf, and Mika Centennial which recently opened, as well as the upcoming international expansion.

Do not miss the opportunity to have this unique and incomparable experience. For more information or reservations contact us at Phone +507 394-1414, our social media are @mikacafe_ (Instagram) & Mika Bazar Cafe (Facebook) and our webpage is www.mikabazarcafe.com  For information on franchise opportunities, contact jrodriguez@[email protected] 

Matt Ferro 28 June, 2023
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