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Known by locals and visitors as the classic stop on the way to the Panamanian Pacific beaches, Anton Valley and the interior, Lunarossa is in everyone’s heart and palate for the authentic Italian cuisine of Elisabetta Cappelli, better known as “Lisa”, who has conquered everyone with her spices since arriving in Panama in 2012.

After so many years and unique experiences with clients, Lisa has decided to return to her native country to share with her family. She has entrusted her legacy and recipes to Jonathan Schneir, entrepreneur in the gastronomic world, CEO of Grupo Zena and Grupo Schneir, as well as owner of Sushark and María Bombón.

This is a tribute to Lisa. She has dedicated her life to improving Italian gastronomy. More than just a restaurant, Lunarossa is a family that has come to offer an authentic culinary experience with its roots in Tuscany. For Lisa, “in the kitchen you need a product that you can’t buy; it is the passion and the devotion that is reflected in each and every recipe”.

Her decision to emigrate was not an easy one to make. For Lisa, finding the right person was the only way to carry on her legacy. And in this case, it was the close relationship she had developed over the years with Jonathan and his family that allowed her to make this difficult decision without first ensuring that her recipes would remain in the hands of the chef, or as it is best pronounced in Italian, “Cuoca” Diana Rodríguez, who would be the guarantor of her legacy.

The menu will remain the same with all the details that make this place unique, such as the classic Burrata Focaccina with arugula and balsamic vinegar, the original Tagliolini al Granchio from Bocas del Toro, Beef Tagliata and Chicken Marsala are emblematic dishes. Not forgetting the possibility of preparing personalized dishes, to make everyone feel at home and complete the gastronomic experience with a delicious dessert.

The attention to detail has made Lunarossa the number one rated restaurant in the Coronado area on TripAdvisor. It is also considered the ideal place to organize special events, weddings, baptisms, birthdays and much more. Fall in love with the authentic proposal and enjoy this little piece of Italy in Coronado.

Matt Ferro 31 May, 2024
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