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NDM Law Firm & Associates

NDM Law Firm & Associates is a law firm that lays its foundations on client trust based on three main values: agility in processes, effectiveness in results and innovation in strategies. It is a leading company in the legal field, both nationally and internationally, which is responsible for solving your legal conflicts in various instances in Panama, the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America, thanks to the support of an expert team of lawyers with over 17 years of experience.

Why is NDM Law Firm & Associates the right firm to resolve your concerns?

When our clients put their legal problems in our hands and allow us to find a solution, the attention is always immediate and precise. The lawyers of the firm express the reality in each situation, we are objective with our proposals, and most importantly, the clients who give us their trust, it is for life.

We specialize in:

Immigration law: We process residence permits according to the needs of the client, favoring their stay in a country with a wide range of work and investment opportunities.

Commercial law: We create the necessary structure to guarantee the security of the assets of those who request our services and their future planning, complying with all the requirements. We also advise you on the purchase of your real estate from the beginning of the transaction to the registration of the property in your name to ensure that your agreements comply with Panamanian law.

Civil and criminal procedural law: we attend to your cases before the circuit and municipal courts and superior courts of justice, we manage the effective collection of your debts, we recover the money badly invested in the purchase of real estate, seeking the effective defense of clients, protecting their rights as consumers.

In the same way, we carry out other procedures that are required for various purposes in administrative entities.

We are a stable platform, characterized by answering your queries and concerns from Monday to Sunday, and by carrying out the procedures correctly and expeditiously, avoiding errors that commonly cause delays in the final resolution of any process.

Melva Herrera
Matt Ferro 20 April, 2023
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