La Fabrica
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La Fabrica always stands out for its original proposal that takes you to another place in the world!

With over 7 years in its headquarters in Amador, today, La Fabrica continues to impress everyone with a new space in San Felipe, right in the heart of Casco Viejo, preserving the values and essence that make them unique.

La Fabrica’s originality lies in the in-house preparation of practically all the gastronomic proposals. From different types of beers supplied by handmade siphons to the ingredients used in their most creative recipes that have captivated all those looking to discover new flavors and enjoy a different evening.

There are currently 7 styles of beer available, including El Dictador (an IPA that originated this entire beer movement), as well as the double IPA, Golden Ale, Hefe Belgium, Porter, Larger (Capunga), and seasonal beers. Don’t miss the mango beer coming from the shade trees of La Fabrica in Amador.  

The music and atmosphere of this place is always effervescent! Here, unique events are organized such as the World Strongest Beer (with beers of more than 7 degrees of alcohol), as well as the Beer Buster and the famous Oktoberfest, being the largest in Panama and the most attended by beer lovers.

La Fabrica
Matt Ferro 11 January, 2024
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