The color covers her face, she has mischievous eyes that reflect a restless look and that exotic beauty, who is she? She reminds me of someone maybe, you are facing a Colina. The series “Miradas del Alma” (Glances of the Soul) are several palette knife paintings that give the viewer a fascination with each one.

After finishing his studies in Russia and Spain, Colina worked as an artist in Panama, a country that welcomed him 5 years ago. An artist who collaborated with galleries and quickly understood that the local artistic proposal is more deeply rooted in autochthonous regionalist roots. Unlike Colina who shows a wide range of styles, originality, and versatility. He can be enjoyed when he is expressive and spontaneous making faces and spatulas, and conservative in his more classical and European styles.

“No matter how strong the winds blow, a mountain never bows down. Always find your own path and never allow your dreams to depend on anyone.” These are one of the teachings of his grandfather, father, and mentor. In this way, Colina awakens the entrepreneurial spirit and decides to create his own company against all odds and with the only help of his wife Betsy. Colina built his art gallery during the pandemic when no one was betting on him, calling him crazy, self-centered, and much more.

With the world facing a financial crisis, he bet his trust in art, since art has historically survived the hardest stages of humanity, world wars, pandemics, and plagues. Works of art have been safeguarded as bastions of the economy and heritage in times of crisis.

Colina bet for the creation of Colina Fine Art: his gallery, his design, his creativity, his desire, his dream, his colors, his brushes, and his art. Visit and enjoy each piece and the history of intertextuality behind them. 

Stand before a Colina.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this unique art pieces. For more information call us + 507 6203-4761, our social media is @colina90art (Instagram).

Matt Ferro 30 June, 2023
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