Frank’s Place

Frank’s Place has a new location! Chef Robert Santomenno Wallace’s latest creation is a tribute to his grandfather’s name as well as his love of Italy through his culinary talents. Preserving the gastronomic traditions of the old country with family recipes passed down through generations.

The menu at Frank’s Place is extensive with options for all tastes, including pasta dishes, brick oven pizzas, and traditional recipes served with homemade sauces, all prepared with the freshest ingredients to guarantee an unforgettable culinary experience. The intrepid mixology has been created to perfectly match the ambiance and decor with a specialized sommelier offering the best alternatives of wines from different regions. 

The music and movies of the 1950s, an original 1953 Harley Davidson motorcycle on display, as well as the “gangster” outfits of the waiters and photos of famous movie stars of the era will take you back in time. 

Frank’s Place is located at Obarrio, PH Zoom Plaza. Opening hours are 12 pm-11 pm Monday through Saturday and 12 pm-9 pm Sundays. Follow @franksplacepanama on Instagram and come to discover this authentic cuisine in the heart of Panama City.

Frank’s Place
Matt Ferro 9 May, 2024
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