Financial Requirements
Here are the financial requirements for the Friendly Nations Visa

Securing the Panama Friendly Nations Visa involves meeting certain financial requirements. While investment is a popular route, it's not the only path to fulfilling these requirements. This blog post will detail the various ways applicants can demonstrate economic solvency, including investment, employment, and other financial means.

Overview of Financial Requirements

Applicants must show they can contribute economically to Panama. This can be achieved through various avenues:

  1. Investment of $200,000:

    • This can be in real estate, a business, or a fixed-term deposit in a Panamanian bank. However, investment is just one of several ways to meet the financial criteria.
  2. Employment:

    • Securing a job with a Panamanian company is another valid method. Applicants must provide a letter of employment and proof of income to demonstrate financial solvency.  Your relocation partner can assist you with obtaining this.
  3. Other Financial Proofs:

    • Applicants may also use other financial means to demonstrate solvency, such as existing assets, income from abroad, or other reliable financial sources.

Detailed Investment Options

For those interested in the investment route, here are the options:

  1. Real Estate Investment:

    • Minimum investment of $200,000, which can be financed through a local bank. Real estate can also serve as a stable and potentially appreciating asset.
  2. Business Investment:

    • Starting or investing in a local business with at least $200,000. This supports Panama's economy and can provide ongoing income.
  3. Fixed Term Deposit:

    • Placing $200,000 in a fixed-term deposit at a Panamanian bank, offering a straightforward and secure investment method.

Additional Routes

  • Employment: Employment must be with a company registered in Panama, and the applicant must show a work permit along with a verified employment contract.

  • Other Assets: Applicants can also show other substantial assets or incomes, such as rental income from properties, dividends from investments, or pensions.

Additional Considerations

  • Legal and Notary Costs: Regardless of the route chosen, there will be associated legal and notary fees.
  • Ongoing Compliance: It's important to maintain your financial status as initially demonstrated until permanent residency is granted.

The Panama Friendly Nations Visa offers various ways for applicants to demonstrate their economic solvency. Whether through investment, employment, or other financial proofs, each option has its benefits and requirements. Understanding these options allows potential applicants to choose the best path according to their circumstances and goals.

Next, we will explore the broader benefits of obtaining the Panama Friendly Nations Visa, including the perks of permanent residency and opportunities for visa-free travel.

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Financial Requirements
Adam Phillips 30 April, 2024
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