DoPanama: From Relocation Clients to Longlife Friends

DoPanama is a relocation consultancy focused on assisting awesome adventure-seeking Expats like yourself in exploring the possibilities of living in Panama and helping them every step of the way to make sure their move into this country is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

The company is led by Austin Hess, a US Citizen and permanent resident who loves this beautiful country. He founded DoPanama for one GOOD reason, to help other Expats move to Panama and to help them do it correctly.

As the Senior Editor of The Restaurant & Travel Magazine and with 10 years living in this magical country, Austin, his team, and his network of over 32 different real estate companies and independent realtors, the top attorney firms in the country, and insurance brokers are eager to assist you with making your research trip or relocation to Panama an amazing experience.

Through DoPanama, you will receive all the pertinent information, a great understanding of what Panama has to offer and what they see for the future here in Panama. During this process, Austin will become your new friend in Panama.

The services provided by DoPanama are divided into three packages:

• Get Your Feet Wet free 30 minute call.

• Meet and Greet Welcome to Panama

• Boots on the Ground Relocation.

The Get Your Feet Wet program is a free Zoom call with Austin Hess. He loves to do this call with you for two principal reasons. First, he wants to get to know you, and discuss your interests, wants, and needs. As the company’s number one goal is to first help you find the best location for you, based on you, and from there set you up with one of the great attorney partners to discuss all the residency details and get you set up with the realtor that will be the best fit for your interests and personality.

The Meet and Greet Welcome to Panama program has been designed to help people move to Panama in the smoothest transition possible. The staff of DoPanama will be linking you with the best attorneys, insurance brokers, real estate agents, other resources, and even schools (if needed). All, while walking alongside you during the entire process.

They can also assist you in connecting with a transportation company that will help you bring your household goods and pet(s) to Panama.

Finally, the Boots on the Ground Relocation program is a full hands-on experience customized for each client. The team of DoPanama will set up everything for you!!! Since you first arrive to Panama City a representative will be waiting at the airport to take you to the hotel and go over your agenda to make the most of your time available and get the best results with the money invested.

DoPanama is here for you to have the best experience, and a good time, in the process. They thrive on making sure customers and new friends get the best service, and get connected with the right resources, to make the experience as enjoyable as humanly possible.

From Relocation Clients to Longlife Friends
Matt Ferro 20 April, 2023
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