Cooking Mamma
Bakery & Coffee

Cooking Mamma Bakery & Coffee opened in Panama City intending to exalt specialty coffee produced in the country. Creating a concept that combines traditional and avant-garde, with a great culinary proposal that includes exquisite brunch options, specialty coffee, and pastries.

The high quality of the raw materials, the latest preparation techniques, and impeccable service are fundamental pillars. Their best-sellers are the French toast with red berries and smoked cream, parmesan truffle fries, or the pistachio-filled donuts. Accompanied by a wide range of filtered coffees, served by trained baristas who create a unique experience for the palate in each cup.

The space is designed in a way that combines modern and elegant, with a dynamic menu suitable for breakfast or lunch with family and friends.

Without a doubt, at Cooking Mamma Bakery & Coffee the guest experience is everything. Whether to enjoy a cup of specialty coffee, share with family, or stock up on lots of flavors for home, satisfaction is guaranteed.  

Cooking Mamma
Matt Ferro 2 May, 2024
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