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A Dazzling Closing of the Year 2023 and its FirmInternational expansion

At the close of the year 2023, Colina Art Gallery and Auction, directed by the prominent artist and owner Jose Luis Colina Rodriguez, has consolidated its position as a shining beacon on the international artistic horizon. The gallery celebrated with success of the “Renacer” exhibition in Cuba, marking the triumphant return of Colina Rodriguez to the Provincial Art Gallery, more than one decade after leaving a deep impression on the country.

“Renacer” was not only an exhibition of paintings and sculptures; was a visual testimony of Colina Rodriguez's aesthetic evolution over the years. The masterful fusion of textual appropriations with personal narratives resonated powerfully, connecting with a diverse audience and reaffirming the artist's mastery.

This dazzling end of the year 2023 not only highlights the impact of the exhibition, but also signals the upward momentum of Colina Art Gallery and Auction on the international art scene. With a solid training at the Professional School of Art in Santa Clara, Jose Luis Colina Rodriguez has elevated the gallery to new levels, consolidating it as an epicenter of creativity and excellence.

Looking ahead to 2024, Colina Art Gallery and Auction prepares to expand its global presence with participation in renowned events, such as the Biennale of Venice, and exhibitions in prestigious international destinations, including Dubai, Mexico, the United States and Central America. This international expansion underlines the gallery's ambitious vision and its commitment to disseminating the work of artists exceptional.

In addition to the impressive “Renacer” exhibition, Colina Art Gallery and Auction has presented another gem for his followers: the personal exhibition “Voy Para Ti”. This intimate exhibition not only captivated the public overall, but also resonated deeply in Colina's hometown Rodriguez, Santa Clara. “Voy Para Ti” offers a personal journey through the creativity and artistic expression of the teacher, further consolidating the reputation of the gallery as a space for unique and moving artistic experiences.

In short, the dazzling close to 2023 for Colina Art Gallery and Auction has not only been an artistic highlight; It has been a glorious resurgence on the international stage. With “Renacer” as a prelude and global expansion on the horizon, next year promises to be a exciting continuation of the brilliant career of Jose Luis Colina Rodriguez and the exponential growth of Colina Art Gallery and Auction.

Colina Art Gallery
Matt Ferro 14 May, 2024
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