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Thirteen years ago, a strange man walked out of the jungle onto our farm in the highlands of Panama.

“Medicines,” he gestured. “These are medicines.” We, Dianne Heidke and Elizabeth Worley, had no idea what he was talking about. He identified plants growing in the shade, the sun, on sides of trees, and explained their healing properties. Anamu, ortiga, uva ursi, curcuma, guaco... “Make medicines!”

Ah ha! A business opportunity! We got to work.

Today, Cloud Forest Botanicals is the leading producer in Panama of herbal tinctures to support wellness. We grow organic plants; we collaborate with other organic growers. We distribute our boutique, high-end products—all meticulously formulated in a MINSA approved facility—throughout Panama.  

Coming soon, when the law is finalized, CBD! 

Plants, not Big Pharma, is our motto, our mission.

Cloud Forest Botanicals
Matt Ferro 7 December, 2023
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