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Panama: Investor’s The Global Paradise. 

I love Panama, it’s an amazing country and has so much going for it. Which is why so many of us chose to re-locate here.

Of course, it’s not perfect, nowhere is, but it certainly has a charm that we can’t escape.

Great climate, more relaxed way of life, friendly people, centrally located… what more could you ask for? 

Oh yeah, the tax benefits. 

Panama’s territorial tax system means the country is not interested in taxing foreign-sourced income. This creates great opportunities for residents here to take advantage of certain investment opportunities. 

Because, while we can all agree that Panama is a fantastic place to call home, it’s a small country at the end of the day, and the opportunities for investing locally are not quite the same as they might be in a larger economy, like the U.S.

Which is where we come in.

We help our clients throughout the country with Financial Planning, whatever that may look like. 

Whether you’re a young executive looking to invest for the future, or a retiree wondering how best to manage their wealth, we have strategies that can be customized around your needs.  

Portfolio Management, Retirement Planning, Real Estate, as well as Banking and Residency services, are some of the ways in which we can help our clients.

So get in touch today, either by scanning the QR code above, or sending me through an email.

Luke Abbott, CFA [email protected]  

We will be sponsoring the magazine over the coming months as part of our mission to educate and improve financial literacy here in Panama.

As part of this, we will include a Questions and Answers section in the magazine over the next 12 months.

If you have any questions you want answered, send them to [email protected], and we can include them in the following edition.

We thought we would start this series with the most commonly asked question.

How do I get started?

If you are already thinking about planning for your future, you have taken the most important step.

The next step is to outline your financial goals. What is it that you actually want to achieve?

This could be saving to buy a house over the next 5-years, maybe sending your children to an over-priced university in the United States, or maximizing your retirement savings throughout your golden years.  

After highlighting your goals, you need to review your current situation.

This is a comprehensive review of your assets, monthly expenditures, and your ability to save and invest for the future.  

You can then project this forward, taking into account inflation, historical market performance and other external factors, to ensure you’re on the right track.

If you are, then great, but if not, a slight adjustment may be necessary. 

It may be as simple as saving a little extra each month, or perhaps switching into a higher returning asset class.

This is where professional guidance is most valuable.  

These days there is so much information available, but it’s essential to work with reputable professionals and licensed advisers.

 I’m on a mission to educate & empower individuals, helping them to achieve financial freedom.

As part of this, I’m offering complementary and comprehensive financial reviews to all readers.  

Just reach out to me and mention the “Restaurant magazine”.

CI Associates has been helping our clients in Latin America on their investment journey for over 25 years. Our team of expert financial advisers can help in all matters of finance.

Whether you are just starting out and wondering what your options are, a more experienced investor looking for a more complete solution or access to institutional offering.

We have strategies that can be customized around your needs.   

Matt Ferro 5 December, 2023
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