Chombo Williams

Famous for Smoked, Grilled and Artisanal Products, such as Spicy Molasses BBQ Sauce, Rub A Dubs, Chimichurri and hot pickled sauce, Chombo Williams is considered one of the most outstanding Low & Slow Barbecue Joints in Panama.

Commanded by the renowned Panamanian Chef Alonso Williams and his partner Eduardo Ávila, better known in the BBQ scene as El Vikingo, together with his team of experts in fire and smoke known as Pitmasters, will take you to live a unique gastronomic experience where you can enjoy dishes made with the aroma and flavor of the epic Nance firewood.

Among the most iconic dishes you can find the delicious Chombo Smoked Brisket, Chombo Williams World Class Ribs, Smoked Chicken considered the “chicken that can be easily eaten” as well as the delicious and fantastic Smoked Porkbelly.

Located in Los Angeles neighborhood, Chombo Williams Barbecue offers a comfortable dining room with air conditioning and an outdoor area, where you can enjoy the aromas of wood smoke burning slowly inside our smokers while savoring and flirting with our unique and unforgettable flavors.

Chombo Williams
Matt Ferro 28 February, 2023
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