Casa Acuario
Boutique Hotel over the Caribbean Sea

Join Casa Acuario every morning for breakfast made with love!

Serving breakfast to hotel guests and the public from 8 am to 11 am, Casa Acuario takes great pride in serving delicious food & beverages that have been responsibly sourced and will make you come back for more!

All ingredients are sourced with intention and awareness to help support the local community and the earth. All the eggs are local and organic and are delivered to Casa Acuario weekly by Cayuco (Canoe) from a family on Isla Bastimientos. All of the coconuts come from the little island of Carenero where the hotel is located. All veggies and fruits come from local indigenous communities as much as possible and the sausage and bacon are from the Panamanian Highlands. They only use Panamanian-grown and roasted coffee and espresso.

Sustainability and consciousness play a huge role here at Casa Acuario and they invite you to see how tasty it can be! 

Do not miss the opportunity to have this unique and incomparable experience. For more information and to view their menu, visit and for reservations contact us at +507 6791-4323, also you can write us at [email protected]

Casa Acuario
Matt Ferro 12 July, 2023
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