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Bella Holdings Group was born in Panama City in mid-2021, with the mission of adopting and creating high quality gastronomic concepts, creating experiences that adapt to all audiences, ages and occasions. The Group currently has 22 restaurants and 13 brands specializing in Italian, French, American, Mediterranean, Nikkei and fusion cuisine.

Its catalog of brands includes La Vespa Vistamare located in Punta Pacifica and La Vespa Trattoria located in the heart of Obarrio, Petit Paris in Punta Pacifica and Marbella, Bellas Grill & Bar in Punta Pacifica, Tokyo Station in Punta Pacifica, Three Monkeys Pub restaurant in Punta Pacifica, Ciao Bella (with five branches: Punta Pacifica, San Francisco, Soho Mall, Amador & Costa del Este), Freskos Deli in Brisas del Golf, Noa Nikkei on the terrace of Torre Las Américas, Blame Kiki in Yoo Tower. Paladar in Multiplaza, Madre Cucina in Casco Viejo and Costa del Este, Blue Tap House in Costa Verde, Casco Viejo and Costa del Este and Salvaje in Costa del Este. 

The success of the group lies in the variety of options, starting from breakfast, where you can enjoy Petit Paris with its Parisian theme and more than 15 years in the market. Blame Kiki with a kosher menu, Ciao Bella with a menu inspired by the typical Italian breakfasts that accompany you to receive the morning sun and start the day with all the energy necessary to achieve any goal. 

If you want to have lunch or dinner, there is a portfolio of options, including the Ciao Bella branches, where they offer starters, main courses, pizzas and pastas that allow you to repeat daily, enjoying the comfort and flavors of the Mediterranean and special dishes exclusive to each branch. In Amador they offer a menu of fish and seafood, in Punta Pacifica the Italian classics, in Soho Mall dishes to share, in Costa del Este dishes inspired by Roman cuisine and in San Francisco their specialty are pizzas.

Perfect for any occasion, Ciao Bella offers a great range of dishes that adapt to all tastes, cocktails and wines with spaces suitable for the whole family and outdoor terraces, with delivery service and live music on weekends in Soho mall, Costa del Este and Amador. 

Continuing our tour of restaurants, we find Petit Paris, which has been bringing the best of authentic French gastronomy to the palates of Panama City since 2007. Currently, there are two locations in Punta Pacifica and Marbella, with a focus on breakfast, with croissants, eclairs, pastries and bakery products in general. With catering service for events and special occasions, delivery, pick up and to go. Not to mention live music on Fridays with a dance theme.

If you live in or visit Brisas del Golf, Freskos Deli is the place to go. Open every day, it offers a wide variety of baked goods to take away or eat on the premises, including empanadas, croissants, keto or gluten-free bread. Without forgetting their menu of coffees, flavored frappes and desserts that can liven up the day or any party, since they have birthday sweets ready to go. The relaxed atmosphere provides a space for meetings, coworking and enjoyment, with an indoor air-conditioned area and terrace.

More centrally located in the Punta Pacifica area is Three Monkeys, a retro-themed pub-restaurant that offers a wide variety of signature cocktails created under the premise of local flavors with a relaxed food menu that offers elevated and careful options. such as light fish taquitos, hummus or native guacamole. Thursday through Saturday you can enjoy DJs or live music with funky, all-time hits and flow Latino themes. With a burger menu available for delivery on all platforms. 

Bella Holdings came to set a precedent in the restaurant market in Panama. To create lasting spaces and experiences in time and in the minds of all clients. It fills the hearts of its creators to know that they are accompanying guests to different events in their lives and to see how they evolve over the years.

The Group’s premise is to broaden the horizons of gastronomy at a local level, creating and enhancing concepts that generate solutions to customers’ daily problems, offering added value and constant innovation. 

Matt Ferro 1 April, 2024
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